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Do you have an idea but are not sure how to develop it? Are you an ESL/EAL scholar or writer struggling with English writing norms? Do you need help finding a path across mountains of research to get started on that journal article, brochure, website or novel? We can help.

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ThinkWell Communications offers affordable consultant services for individuals or groups to help scholars, educators, fiction authors and business and public sector professionals develop clear writing and research strategies. We also offer full writing services for: abstracts, summaries, reports, blogs, brochures, website content and other documents, and are available to collaborate on otherĀ  writing projects.

Writing and Editing Packages

ThinkWell offers writing and editing packages at a discounted rate. Discounts for other bundled services are also available. Contact us today to discuss the service bundle that works best for your needs, or for a commitment-free consultation for writing services alone. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you get from idea, to draft, to polished, final manuscript ready for publication.

ThinkWell Communications adheres to and advocates for the highest principles of integrity for all writing services. Academic integrity is particularly important to us. We do not write academic essays. Undergraduate students requiring writing assistance should consult their university librarian or student advisor for information on university-provided writing tutorials and seminars that are often free of charge. The professionals at ThinkWell Communications do not work with undergraduate students except when referred to us (in writing) by a course instructor and/or university administrator.

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