Month: February 2017

3 Tips for Improving Academic Presentations

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience makes you nervous, it may not surprise you that many people list public speaking as one of their top fears. For some of my clients and former students, it is their number 1 fear. So where does this leave academics? Many professors and TAs experience anxiety before lectures, and some are particularly panicked at the thought of speaking in those large lecture halls so common… Read more

Myths About Writing

Academics, educators and business professionals write a variety of texts, including, monographs, articles, cover letters, course outlines, reports, newsletters, brochures and grant proposals. Many write because they have to — for academics, promotion and tenure usually require evidence of publications and/or a teaching dossier; for others, writing is an unavoidable part of running a business or part of their job specifications.  Indeed, writing, in some form, is the preferred means of communication for large segments… Read more

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